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Undergraduate Catalog



The University of Guam is a community of academics, administrators, support staff, and students who are devoted to the pursuit of truth and integrity in all of the University’s operations in the conduct of research, coursework, the management of the institution, and the relationships of UOG community members.

All members of the community are expected to adhere to standards of behavior that exhibit regard and respect for one another. We are all responsible to treat one another in a fair and equitable manner that does not discriminate nor take advantage of anyone for any purpose due to their status as a student, subordinate, or supervisor.

The University has in place responsibilities and standards of behavior with regard to academic integrity; non-discrimination on the basis of race, sexual orientation, national origin, color, religion, religious creed, age, disability, citizenship status, military service status, or any other status protected by law; and interpersonal behavior of a sexual or romantic nature. The University will scrupulously follow these policies and applicable federal and Guam law.

All members of the community have the right to have complaints investigated and managed in accordance with these policies. All members of the community have the right to due process in the management of these complaints. Retaliation is prohibited under these policies, federal law, and Guam law.

Most importantly, all members of the community have a responsibility to read and understand these policies and apply them to their personal behavior. The great University of Guam requires each of us to understand our individual rights; to understand our responsibilities to one another; and to pursue truth and integrity.