Graduate Bulletin (2022-2023)

Graduate Bulletin (2022-2023)

Graduate Bulletin (2022-2023)

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Graduate Studies is the key to mastery of a profession or a discipline that can contribute to your own personal and career goals and also to the revitalization of Guam for the next several decades. As higher education increasingly turns to online venues, local universities are more and more critical to the process of mentoring students, personalizing their academic experiences, and maintaining the human factor.

The role of the Graduate Admissions Office is to administer graduate admissions and maintain the academic records of graduate students.

Graduate faculty at the University of Guam are among a broad network of colleagues, co-workers, friends, and family who will be part of your cohort for the rest of your working life. Graduate program coordinators and professors within each major provide students with advice and assistance with special problems.

Appeals, petitions, and requests for special consideration are handled by the vice provost of Academic Excellence, Graduate Studies, and Online Learning via the respective dean.

The vice provost shall coordinate graduate matters between college and school academic programs, the Graduate Admissions Office, and the RFK Library, which handles thesis and special project publication and archival.

For more information or questions, contact the Graduate Admissions Office at 


Note to Reader:

The University reserves the right to make changes to the Bulletin at any time. These changes may affect such matters as tuition and all other fees, degrees and programs offered (including the modification or possible elimination of degrees and programs), degree and other academic requirements, academic policies, rules pertaining to student conduct and discipline, fields or areas of concentration, and other rules and regulations applicable to students.

The curriculum found in this Bulletin has been created by the faculty and followed a rigorous review process by deans, the Faculty Senate, and the senior vice president.

Updates and Corrections

The Bulletin is updated annually with every effort to ensure accuracy. Any updates or errors should be brought to the attention of Maria Caringal at and will be reviewed for incorporation in a supplement and/or the next edition.

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