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Special Rules for Thesis Project

Graduate Bulletin



Before beginning the writing of the thesis, the student should consult with his/her advisor, obtain the approval of his/her committee, and familiarize him/herself with the “Thesis/Special Project Style Guide and Format Manual,” which can be obtained from the Graduate Admissions Office, UOG website, any dean’s office, or program chairs.

All students pursuing a thesis or special project are expected to submit a “Permission for Thesis Form,” available from the Graduate Admissions Office, website, or their dean’s office. At least one semester prior to completion of the degree, depending on the expectations of a specific program, a committee shall be formed consisting of a chairperson and at least two additional members, one of whom will be from outside the faculty of the area of the student’s major.

The standard thesis credit requirement is a minimum of six credit hours. Depending on program requirements, these may be completed in one semester or more. Students are required to register for at least one thesis credit hour in each semester after all other degree coursework requirements have been completed and before submission of the thesis, as well as in the final fanuchånan or fañomnåkan semester when graduating.

The Thesis Committee chair will submit a grade of “IP” when satisfactory progress has been made at the end of any semester in which the student is enrolled, until the defense has been passed. If the student has not made satisfactory progress, the grade of “NP” (no progress) should be recorded. An “NP” grade may affect a student’s academic status and financial aid standings.

The oral examination or thesis defense will be given at least one week before the last day of classes in the term in which the degree is to be conferred, with all the members of the candidate’s committee present. All oral examinations will be open to the University community. The University community must be notified of the oral examination at least one week before the examination. The director of Graduate Studies will assign an external graduate faculty member to observe each defense to ensure both academic rigor as well as fair treatment of all students.

Students passing their defense must submit a “Completion of Thesis Form,” available from the Graduate Admissions Office, website, or their dean’s office. This form will be completed and signed by the members of the student’s Thesis Committee, the program chair, and the dean after all requirements for the capstone project have been met, including all IRB, IACUC, or other research approval protocols. A passed thesis will convert all previous 695 course grades to “P” (pass). Should the student’s performance be judged unsatisfactory, he or she may be permitted to repeat the examination but only if this is recommended by the committee and approved by the academic dean. At least three months must elapse before re-examination.

A graduate student of the University of Guam owns the copyright of his or her thesis or special project. However, as a condition of being awarded the degree, the student grants the University the non-exclusive right to retain, copy, use, and distribute the thesis or special project, together with the right to co-require its publication for archival use. A graduate student may delay or restrict release of his or her thesis or special project or a portion thereof for up to two years in cases where part or all of the thesis or special project is being published elsewhere or the work is subject to patent disclosure requirements.