Graduate Bulletin

Transfer of Credits

Graduate Bulletin



Graduate students must file transcripts of all graduate work completed at other colleges or universities with the Office of Admissions & Records. Only grades of “A” and “B” are transferable, and no more than nine semester hours of graduate work can be transferred to the University of Guam.

Evaluation of transfer credits is initiated with the student’s advisor, who approves or disapproves any equivalence of transfer courses to those offered at the University of Guam. These courses should be listed on the graduate “Transfer Credit Request Form” and submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office, which will transmit it to the registrar for certification.

Graduate credit earned through distance education programs may be acceptable toward an advanced degree, if approved by the program chair and dean. Such credit may also serve as a contractual undergraduate prerequisite with the written approval of the student’s advisor and the approval of the appropriate department.