Graduate Bulletin

Entrance into a Graduate Program

Graduate Bulletin



Admission to Graduate Student status does not guarantee admission to a particular graduate degree program. Students seeking degrees must file a “Graduate Program Entry Form” with the Graduate Admissions Office. A student must meet the requirements established for the chosen degree program, meet with the program chair, and be accepted as a potential candidate by the faculty of that program.

A program may recommend that a student receive full or conditional admission. For Financial Aid purposes, students who have met with their program chair and been conditionally admitted to a program will be considered pursuing a degree of study for one semester, after which time the student must make an appointment with the program chair with a new “Graduate Program Entry Form.”

A maximum of 12 graduate credits earned at the University of Guam prior to the student’s admittance into a graduate program may be applied toward fulfilling the master’s degree requirements. Credits in excess of this may not subsequently be applied to a degree program. The 12 credits shall not include any prerequisites for a student’s admittance into a graduate program.