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Location: Calvo Field House
Tel: (671) 735-2287/2288
Fax: (671) 734-2907

Students who need financial assistance to pursue graduate programs are encouraged to take advantage of the various types of aid available at the Financial Aid Office. Aid can be categorized into three major categories:

U.S. Department of Education Programs (Federal Title IV Student Aid)

Special and regular students who do not possess a high school diploma or GED are not eligible for federal financial aid, unless the student meets the “Ability to Benefit” criteria.

  1. College Work-Study: Part-time employment on campus for eligible graduate students
  2. Stafford Student Loan: Low-interest loans made to eligible undergraduate/graduate students by lending institutions. Repayment may be deferred until student graduates.
  3. William D. Ford Direct Student Loan by the U.S. Department of Education
  4. Leveraging Educational Assistance Program Policy (LEAP): Grant aid for eligible undergraduate/graduate students based on unmet financial need.

NOTE: To maintain eligibility for the federal student aid programs, a student must be in good academic standing and be making satisfactory progress toward his/her degree. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for the specific program requirements. Applications for these programs are available upon request from the Financial Aid Office, or students can apply online at web Application forms are generally available during February for the following academic year.

Government of Guam Student Financial Assistance Program

The Student Financial Assistance Program consists of the Government of Guam Professional Technical Award. The program is mandated by public law, implemented by the Board of Regents, and administered by the Financial Aid Office. The deadline for application is May 29 for the academic year. Applications are available at the Financial Aid Office. There is a residency requirement.

Individual Graduate Programs

Specific scholarships or assistantships may be available through the Financial Aid Office. Teaching or research assistantships may be available in some areas through the appropriate colleges, units, or divisions of the University