Graduate Bulletin

Tuition & Fees

Graduate Bulletin


The Board of Regents establishes tuition and other fees at the University of Guam. The charges listed here are those in effect at the time of publication and are subject to change by the board.

A non-refundable application fee must accompany all applications for admission. No application will be considered if the fee has not been paid, and the applicant will not be permitted to register for any course.



Fanuchånan 2024 (Aug.-Dec.) / Fañomnåkan 2025 (Jan.-May)

Finakpo' 2025 (June-Aug.)








  • Graduate students who enroll in undergraduate courses for any reason will be charged the graduate rate.
  • The fee for auditing classes or for Credit-by-Examination is the cost that would be charged if the student enrolled for a regular class. 


The University accepts cash, check, and/or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and other major credit cards.) Payments are accepted at Business Office (735-2923) and/or the Triton One-Stop Office located at the Calvo Field House. Payment can also be done through CASHNET under WebAdvisor.


Payment deadlines are advertised each semester and during the Finakpo’ terms in the Course Schedule advertisement.


At the time of registration, all students must pay the following fees:


Fanuchånan 2024 /
Fañomnåkan 2025

Finakpo’ 2025

Registration $12 $12
Student Services $44 $24
Library Services $48 $48
Student Activities $24 $24
Health Services $12 $12
Athletics $75 $37.50
Computer $48 $48
Internet $100 $90
Online Learning $40 $20
TOTAL $403 $315.50

Graduate students taking five credits or less will be charged 50% of the student fee for the regular fanuchånan and fañomnåkan semesters.

Graduate students taking five credits or less during the finakpo’ term inclusive of sessions A, B, and C would be assessed a flat fee of $152.50.

Graduate students enrolled only in thesis credits would be assessed a flat fee of $148 per term to maintain full access to library and computer services on campus.


In addition to the fees listed earlier in this section, the following charges are assessed when applicable:



Application Fee (non-refundable; must accompany all applications) $52
International Students (non-refundable) $77
Late Fee (applications submitted after the posted deadline for the semester $25
Cancellation Fees (see Refund Regulations in this Bulletin)
Change of Schedule Fee (see Drop/Add Fee)
Check Service for each check that fails to clear $25
Graduation Fee $100
Graduation Reapplication Fee $50
Laboratory Fees (on a per course basis) See schedule
Library Fines/Lost or Damage Fee Charges vary
Thesis Binding Fee $50

If a student’s financial obligations have not been met, the Office of Admissions & Records will not release transcripts, diploma, or other official records of the student, and the student will not be permitted to register for further courses. The University will charge interest of 8.5% per annum on all debts not received by the payment deadline. Students will have to pay fees if their account is sent to a Collection Agency. Matters relating to the student’s financial obligations to the University should be referred to the Bursar’s Office (735-2940/3/5). The University may report students with unpaid accounts to a credit bureau and/or the Guam Department of Revenue & Taxation.


The University will only release transcripts to students who have met all their financial obligations. The first copy is provided free. Additional copies may be obtained at $15 per copy. Students may obtain copies of their transcripts in one hour when necessary by paying a special service charge of $20 in addition to transcript fees. (Note: The service charge is assessed per request, not per transcript. Example: If a student needs three transcripts and requests one-hour service, the total charges will be $65 ($45 for three transcripts plus $20 service charge.)

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces should consult their Education Office regarding support for tuition and fees. 


Books and supplies are available at the Triton Store located in the Student Center. Books and supplies must be paid for at the time of purchase. The bookstore will not accept charge accounts but accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other major credit cards.


If you register for a class and later decide to drop or withdraw from it, you will be charged a cancellation fee as follows:

Fanuchånan/Fañomnåkan Semesters


1st Day
of Class

1st Week
of Class

7th Day
of Semester

Tuition 0% 5% 100%
Fees 0% 100% 100%

There is a different schedule for Saturday classes. Saturday courses must be dropped before the second meeting day

Finakpo’/Tinalo’ Semesters


1st Day 
of Session

1st Week
of Session

1st Day

Tuition 0% 5% 100%
Fees 0% 100% 100%

If there are multiple class start days for the finakpo’ term, the first day of class will be the first day of the first class of the finakpo’ term.

Students who are waiting for financial aid or have not yet paid for their tuition and fees are still financially obligated by the above regulations.

Students who do not officially drop or withdraw from class(es) within the time periods above and still owe tuition and fees, are liable for payment and will be billed accordingly. Therefore, it is crucial to officially drop or withdraw from class(es) in a timely manner.

If there are multiple class start days for the Finakpo’ term, the refund policy for the above schedule will begin on the first day of the first class of the Finakpo’ term.

Registration and Course Fees are not refundable except for courses canceled by the University. Refund checks will be mailed four to six weeks after a student drops a class or withdraws from the University.