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Undergraduate Catalog


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Buenas yan Håfa Adai!

As we begin this academic year during a global pandemic, many are grappling with what comes next. I want to assure our prospective and incoming students that this is perhaps the most critical time to pursue higher education, invest in your future, and expand your opportunities for a successful career.

Stepping into the university environment, even if you’re unsure what path you’d like to take, will help you reimagine your potential. Your investment here will help you gain an edge in a tougher job market and enhance your job security.

This Catalog is a detailed guide of the diverse selection of readily accessible, economical, and high-value degrees available at the University of Guam. These degree programs will allow you to enter into and advance in a plethora of professions from civil engineering to nursing to public administration and more.

And as an accredited institution with excellent opportunities for mentorship and value-added experiences, UOG students are well-positioned for acceptance into and success in advanced degree programs at prestigious universities. Alumni who graduated last May are now beginning law school, dental school, and premedical programs as well as various master’s programs.

I encourage you to use this Catalog to discover your path. And along that path, be sure to utilize our comprehensive set of student services to help you succeed — including counseling, tutoring, advisement, financial assistance, disability assistance, veteran assistance, career development resources, and more detailed throughout this Catalog.

Additionally, I encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities through UOG to build your personal portfolio. Program-specific internships, research opportunities with faculty of research centers, course-based service learning, and clinical and capstone experiences will all strengthen your overall professional development.

Seize your time here at UOG, and let us know how we can help.

Biba, UOG Tritons!

Anita Borja Enriquez, DBA
Senior Vice President and Provost