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Håfa Adai!

Welcome to the beginning of an exciting and life-changing journey at the University of Guam/Unibetsedåt Guåhan, and to our returning alumni, welcome back! Whether you're beginning an undergraduate, graduate, or certificate program, your decision to further your education will most certainly be a rewarding one and may even take you in directions you had not previously considered.

This combined online Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Bulletin is an award-winning application and an invaluable resource for exploring your degree options and ensuring that you achieve your goals efficiently. It details the course requirements for each of the 25 undergraduate, 16 graduate, 31 minor, and 14 certificate programs available at UOG. These programs cover some of the most in-demand career sectors in Guam and throughout the rest of Micronesia, to include business and public administration, teaching and education, and environmental science and agriculture, among others.

This publication is not your only resource. All of the faculty and staff at the University of Guam are here to help you succeed. Talk to your professors for academic and career guidance, visit the various centers, programs, and resources available on campus, and, as many of our most successful students have done, talk with your peers — upperclassmen and recent alumni in your degree program of interest.

Now that you are a scholar and a member of an academic community, it is important to be aware that this carries certain responsibilities and expectations. Please review the UOG Honor Code and join our commitment to maintaining academic integrity and truthfulness as well as treating one another with inadahi yan inagofli'e', or respect and compassion.

Throughout 2022, the University of Guam has been celebrating 70 years of preparing leaders, creators, innovators, and thinkers for this extraordinary region of the globe with a strong commitment to academic excellence and student success. I am glad you have chosen to join us and our important mission. You will be challenged, you be inspired, and you will be amazed.

Biba UOG!

Thomas W. Krise, Ph.D.
President and Professor of English