Graduate Bulletin

Application for Graduate Degree

Graduate Bulletin



Students should submit the “Application for Graduate Degree Form” to the Graduate Admissions Office by the date specified in the Academic Calendar. Forms are available at the Graduate Admissions Office or the UOG website. Should the student fail to file a request for graduation, the necessary steps preparatory to official awarding of the degree will not be taken and the actual awarding of the degree will be delayed.

Students will not be allowed to participate in the University of Guam commencement ceremony if they have not been officially certified by the registrar as completing all program and degree requirements.

At least three weeks before graduation, students should personally check with the Graduate Admissions Office to make sure that all forms and certifications required for graduation have been received and all grades of “I” have been cleared.

Grades for graduating students

Once final grades for graduating students have been submitted, no change may be made in the grade except in the case of a clerical error, which must be attested to in writing by the instructor with the concurrence of the dean and approved by the registrar.

Outstanding balance

If a student’s financial obligations have not been met, the Office of Admissions & Records will not release transcripts, diploma, or other official records of the student, and the student will not be permitted to register for further courses. If a student fails to complete any of the degree requirements, after having filed the application, he or she must then submit a new application and pay the graduation re-application fee.