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Graduate Certificate Policy

Graduate Bulletin



In addition to graduate degrees, the University of Guam confers certificates of completion in several programs. These are recognized, academic certificate programs, duly approved by the appropriate faculty, deans, and Faculty Senate. Certificates are not conferred in University commencement exercises, but completion of certificates is recognized on official transcripts.

In order to receive a recognized academic certificate from the University of Guam, a student must complete at least half of the required credit hours at the University of Guam. This requirement will not be waived under any circumstances. Students who wish to have their certificates mailed to them must pay the postage applicable at the time they file the request.

Certificate Student Status

Students pursuing certificates must submit a special application to a specific certificate program and pay the admission fee for that program. Student not otherwise admitted to the University will be placed on certificate status. Certificate standing is valid for two years. Students must re-apply if they do not complete their requirements in this timeframe. Certificate students are responsible for payment of resident tuition rates as well as fees (registration, lab fees, etc.) and cost of books. Current students may apply for certificate status mid-way through their programs.

Admitted Students Pursuing Certificates

Students may receive a certificate while pursuing a full degree program. In these instances, students must be admitted to the University of Guam as well as the certificate program. All applicable rules (seen earlier in this Bulletin) would apply. These students would be responsible for meeting prerequisites for all courses and all student fees.

Minimum Grade Requirement

As a condition for receiving a graduate certificate, students must have at least a “B” grade or better in specific courses required for the program. They will be required to meet minimum academic standards for good standing and may be placed on academic probation.

Conferral of Certificates

Applications for certificates are filed at the Office of Admissions & Records, subject to certification from the program, respective dean, and registrar. An application for completion of certificate must be filed and the appropriate fee must be paid by the mid-point of the semester the certificate is to be conferred. Deans with oversight of respective certificate programs will distribute certificates as they choose.

Bulletin in Force

Unlike a degree program, certificate programs are governed by the current bulletin in force, regardless of when the student began taking courses. Course substitutions will be allowed at the faculty’s discretion. Courses applied toward a certificate may later be applied toward a degree, following the procedures for transfer credits.